Standard 8 – As featured in Hornby Mag

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Standard 8 – As featured in Hornby Mag

A project inspired by a drawing from 1953 showing a proposed BR Standard class 8 heavy freight engine and a model in Railway Modeller of what was described as “Stanier’s Ghost” – a Black Four 4-4-0.

Based  on a Hornby Stanier 8F chassis and boiler with a BR Standard cab and tender the following parts were used:


  • Complete Chinese made BR1C tender drive
  • Britannia bodyshell
  • Margate Stanier 8F rolling chassis (including bogie, wheelsets and coupling rods)
  • Stanier 8F bodyshell
  • Margate 9F cylinders and motion set with 8F rear motion bracket.

First thing to tackle was the chassis. The 9F cylinder block was packed to the correct height and angle above the chassis with layers of plasticard. Once this was done the motion was set up using the 8F rear bracket installed the wrong way round. A little filing of the link assembly mountings saw them slip into the support bracket and I was pleased to find that it all fitted perfectly.

Fitting a DCC decoder highlighted that the current pickup from the two tender wheels was insufficient for good DCC running so a loco drive chassis bottom with pickups on all drive wheels together with coupling the loco to the tender with a double contact drawbar ensured that there were no more issues with the loco stopping over points etc.

The boiler was cut from the 8F shell and the buffer beam/running plate and cab from the Britannia shell. In both cases care was taken to cut well away from the intended separation to ensure none of the desired material was lost. The Britannia running plate was cut approximately 30mm in front of the cab and a section removed so that the smokebox and its saddle lined up correctly.

The boiler was cleaned up and all Stanier fittings removed. Next it was mated to the cab/running plate assembly.  When I was finally happy the three components were bonded together using a liquid polystyrene cement and gaps filled with model filler. A coat of grey acrylic primer was applied to ensure that what looked smooth was actually smooth!

All the BR Standard fittings came from a Comet Models 9F detailing kit. Turned brass handrail knobs and brass wire completed the job. Items such as the reverser rod and regulator were made up from wire and a cocktail stick.

Finishing proved easy, as this was to be a freight locomotive unlined black was the order of the day. Like most modellers I use acrylic car spray paint where possible and this loco was no exception.  Etched plates were fitted for smokebox number, shed and build plates.

The chassis was stripped down and all unnecessary holes, slots etc filled with chemical metal filler and sanded flat. Several coats of satin black car spray were applied and the whole loco reassembled.

To read the full Hornby Magazine article click on the image below

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