Alexander Class 15 in double quick time

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Alexander Class 15 in double quick time

Back in August 2009 I set myself the challenge of building a Dave Alexander class 15 kit before we went on holiday over the Bank Holiday. So with the kit in hand and a Mashima 1020 motor on order I got out my temperature controlled soldering iron.

The kit was from Dave’s original range and consists almost entirely of whitemetal castings, including the bogies. I started soldering up the frame and bogies, making sure clearances were there to allow it to go round corners, a bit tricky with the sandboxes in place.

Once the motor arrived I fitted it to the power bogie. The kit is designed for a DS10 but the Mashima 1020 fitted in easily with a bit of shimming underneath to get the mesh right and a plasticard packer on top to hold it down.

Once the chassis was sorted and running round the layout I continued building up the bodyshell, again soldering everything, not a drop of glue used before primer was applied. Basic construction completed in 7 days.

Following a coat of grey primer and some minor filling and rubbing back the door handles, handrails and route indicators were added – finally resorting to the superglue.

The loco was DCC fitted by adding a Lenz Standard decoder into the void on the unpowered bogie where the motor would go if there was one and running 4 wires via a small connector to the motor bogie – pickup on all eight wheels and a simple job to remove the bogies for servicing

The body was painted with Halfords Rover Brooklands Green and buffer beams brushed with Humbrol red enamel. The  cab ends were painted with a mix of Airfix M20 Cockpit Green and matt white enamel to get the right shade. The bogies and underframe were sprayed with satin black car spray.

18 days gone and I had  a well built, smooth running, DCC fitted loco that just needed a bit of finishing. So I did not quite meet my deadline, but after a break in Somerset (right next to the West Somerset Railway) HMRS transfers were applied, handrails painted silver and a touch of weathering bounce sprayed from a can. I had myself a loco that runs well on my exhibition layout for about half the cost of an out of the box Heljan version and before that was in the shops too!

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